Sunday, September 26, 2004

Happy Birthday To Me

I can't think of a better birthday present to have gotten than to have had an actual visitor to my website, one who took the time to post a comment in my guestbook, quite a positive and encouraging comment, I might add, from someone believed to be eligible to post on my blog. Posting privileges require an invitation that only I at present, as blog administrator, can extend and to do so I need the e-mail address prospective posters would expect to use for communicating on this blog. The administrator's handbook indicates that hotmail, yahoo, msn type addresses that are webmail rather than e-mail, can be more difficult to enroll as team members. Invitations are sent by e-mail and include a link that can only be used once. The link requires the user to open a blogspot account with a user name, password and profile information for a blog that the user has an option to create. Invitees who don't wish to have their own blog, but do want posting privileges as a team member on an established blog, sometimes simply put question marks in the user profile spaces. Comments from visitors to The Intense Inane that: express an interest in posting, include an e-mail address and indicate descent from my great great grandfather, will produce an invitation to post. I am, naturally, delighted to hear that the SoCal Lubachs are abuzz over the information uncovered on my website. My hope is that discussion on the blog will encourage other branches of the family to participate. I will also point out that the Tilden cemetery link on my page contains some secondary links. The link at the top of the page takes surfers to a map of Chippewa Falls and environs. The link headed Hompage at the bottom of the cemetery page takes surfers to a Chippewa County genealogy site with quite a number of links that are worth exploring. I am, however, a little concerned about the propriety of raiding, so to speak, the family tomb. Cemeteries can yield an enormous amount of useful information, but they also require a certain level of decorum and respect for the dignity and privacy of the deceased. I hope my site and discussions that take place here are not an affront to anyone's sense of due decorum.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Guest Book/Multi-User Blog

Greetings to all visitors to the Pinnacled Dim Website and to prospective members of the Intense Inane Multi-User Weblog. Members enjoy the enormous privilege of posting on this blog. Visitors and/or guests are limited by the great great grandfather clause to placing comments on the posts. Membership is restricted, at least for the time being, to direct descendants of my great great grandfather. Please, have a look around and feel free to comment if something strikes your fancy.