Sunday, October 10, 2004

Kommen wir aus der Uckermark?

I received an e-mail this week from someone in Germany with a Lubach ancestor. Her Lubach ancestor is old enough to have been the mother of my great-great grandfather, or perhaps an aunt or a cousin. Her recent post to a German genealogy mailing list included a link that contains a map of Huguenot village churches in a part of Brandenburg called the Uckermark. The village of Wrechow, mentioned on my webpage, is not in the Uckermark or even on the map. The lower right corner of the map shows the Oder River. A town on the Polish side of the river called Cedynia was formerly known as Zehden when it was part of East Brandenburg. Wrechow was about half an inch east of Cedynia. I'm interested in the Uckermark because I've located people in Australia with Lubach ancestors who emigrated from the Uckermark during and shortly after the American Civil War. I'm told there exist church records for people named Lubach in several villages near the Oder, including the villages of Schmiedeberg and Schmolln. Another Lubach apparently lived in Vierraden, an "old town" district near the city of Schwedt. An Ebert family that emigrated to Australia traces their roots to the village of Stegelitz.

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